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“The right Audio & Video hardware is critical to the success of remote teaching and learning."

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Audio Considerations

Teacher audio needs to be intelligible. This will be more important than video in most cases.

Think about the webinars you have been on in the last couple of months. Is it more distracting to have video that is not perfect or to have poor quality audio.

In addition to the audio that the far end must hear there is also a need for voice uplift in the classroom because if one half  of the class is sitting in the same room there will also be a teachers voice being muffled by a mask.

Camera Selection

As soon as you want to include some other form of content-traditional marker board, science lab, art teacher, band/choir teacher, etc the need for a high-quality camera is very important.

We offer our expertise in technology to help schools select the optimal video hardware and software combinations for meeting the current needs of web-based teaching.

Hardware Options

The challenge of the classroom environment is to provide remote students with the feel of a typical classroom.

Different solutions are available, but most will use onboard or USB cameras and microphones. More traditional AV based HDMI cameras and microphones are available and work well but come at a higher cost and complexity.

Delcom Expertise in Web-Based Classroom Hardware Includes:

Cameras - Ceiling mounted solutions / AI framing.
Microphones - Including Wireless USB
Connectivity Considerations - USB Extension Installations
Networking - Making sure your internet connection meets classroom requirements


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