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Today’s AV and IT technologies are highly reliable, but occasionally, a system can malfunction. Fortunately, Delcom Group offers flexible service options for responding to problems efficiently and effectively, including warranty and non-warranty coverage.

Our premium Service Level Support Program ensures optimum performance of your innovative technology solutions over time. Because we recognize applications and support requirements vary depending on the project, our support solutions can be customized to ensure you have the assistance that fits your specific needs.

At Delcom Group, our support solutions offer  you peace of mind. Whether it’s a simple service call or a system check-up before a major event, we’re here to ensure full system functionality all the time, every time.

An Advanced Support Service Program agreement helps minimize downtime, increases system life, and lessens the burden on your in-house IT support staff. We invite you to explore the many benefits included in our Advanced Support Service Plans and contact us for pricing.

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