Electrical solutions




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Service, panel repair, replacements and upgrades.
Transformer repair, replacement and upgrades.
Lighting repair, replacement and upgrades. i.e. replacing sensors, converting from T8’s and T5’s. To LED including indoor, outdoor, emergency and exit lighting.
Remodel new and existing wings.
Add backup generators and transformer switches.
Repair and replace electrical equipment such as plugs, switches, h-boxes and boxes needing extension rings and missing covers.
IDF/MDF closets needing electrical and grounding added. Moved, upgraded or replaced to meet equipment needs.
Electrical for inside and rooftop HVAC systems. Including additional circuits, disconnects, switches, breaker replacement, repair or upgrade.
Electrical integrity evaluations in any facility including above ceilings, electrical closets, mechanical rooms, classrooms and offices.
Add IG and dedicated circuits where required or needed.
Install electrical power poles for computer labs and libraries or wherever needed.
Provide dedicated circuits and whips for cubicles.
Add IG and dedicated circuits where required or needed.
Add electrical services to portables.
Add wireway, raceway and plug mold.


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