The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is a pivotal agency within the Texas state government, responsible for optimizing and safeguarding the state's information technology (IT) infrastructure. Its main functions encompass IT leadership and policy-making, ensuring that technology is used efficiently across state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions. The DIR also oversees IT procurement and contracting, leveraging the state's purchasing power to negotiate favorable terms and prices for technology products and services.

One of the DIR's significant roles is providing centralized data center services for various state agencies, promoting cost efficiency through shared resources and expertise. Furthermore, the agency manages Tex-AN, a state telecommunications network that supports diverse communication needs, including data transfer, voice communications, and video conferencing for governmental entities.

Ensuring security is another critical focus of the DIR. The agency offers guidance on cybersecurity best practices, sets security standards, and conducts training and vulnerability assessments to protect the state's digital assets. Alongside these responsibilities, the DIR also plays a crucial role in overseeing major IT projects, ensuring their successful execution through established best practices and expert guidance.

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