Intellicentrics is a company dedicated to bolstering security and compliance in healthcare settings. They focus on ensuring that hospitals and medical facilities maintain a safe environment for everyone, including patients, staff, and visitors.

A core offering from Intellicentrics is the SEC3URE Passport, a tool designed for healthcare vendor credentialing. This platform ensures that all personnel, be they medical representatives or contractors, entering a healthcare facility are properly credentialed and have undergone necessary screenings. Their services allow medical institutions to meet various standards and regulations by managing the credentials of all individuals accessing their facilities.

The overarching objective of Intellicentrics is to enhance patient safety. By meticulously regulating access to healthcare settings and making sure individuals meet specific facility requirements, they aim to create a more secure environment. The company has also expanded its operations across multiple countries, tailoring its services to cater to the distinct compliance needs of different regions.

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