AV Services 

Delcom Group understands modern audio-visual technology. Overhead projectors and TV carts no longer have a place in any well-run institution. Our digital world now involves interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, and video-on-demand solutions. And as our environments turn increasingly interactive and media-driven, selecting, preparing and installing an effective AV Solution has become even more vital.

Delcom specializes in standards-based, full-service AV systems design along with professional installation following industry best practices to ensure superior and worry-free deployment in your institution. Our AV Solutions are designed and implemented by a highly trained staff with a successful track record across the TOLA region. 

We know how important this aspect of technology is to you. We built our new facilities to include an innovative onsite Audio-Visual Lab, where we continually experiment with cutting-edge AV solutions to provide our customers with expert recommendations and demonstrations. Our comprehensive expertise allows us to work collectively toward a custom solution that best fits your needs. We aren’t just experts on one product line; we know all of them. And we are prepared to design and install solutions even in highly specialized environments. 

Delcom's AV Team is uniquely equipped to successfully design and implement industry-leading AV technology that will help our customers teach, learn, and communicate.